Vocational Program (On Site)

Tuesdays & Thursdays

Bird Houses

As part of our vocational program, we have started building birdhouses that will be available for sale in the near future.  Richard Jenkins, a retired engineer, answered our ad in Volunteer Houston for a carpenter.  We interviewed him and he was very excited about the possibility of turning his woodworking hobby into a volunteer activity close to home.  He designed the first birdhouse and after testing it with the students to see if it would work, he came back with several more for them to assemble.  The birdhouses are made of pine and the students use two inch screws to make sure that you get a very well made and long lasting house.  They are painting them using their favorite colors, but some day we envision being able to take orders for exactly what the customer is looking for.  Stay tuned for more information next month.

Birdhouse Collage


The construction group worked on building a shelf for our science center.  They learned safety rules when using electric tools: they wore their goggles, drilled holes, and put screws in our shelf.  What a job!  They finished building, sanding and staining the shelf.  Our Science Center is sure to enjoy this hand-made shelf!  Our vocational students have been accustomed to using the screwdrivers only to disassemble trophies, that using a screwdriver to actually screw to assemble a project proved to be quite a challenge for many.  There were a few moments of frustration as their hands lost their grip, or they scratched themselves.  But by teaming up with the teachers and other students proved to be successful.

Science Table construction photo

Trophy Recycling

Revived Glory Awards is a for-profit company that only hires people with disabilities.  As part of our Career Day, several of our vocational students were invited to experience what they would be doing if they were employed there. They all rode MetroLift together to get there.  For several months our vocational students have been disassembling, cleaning, and sorting the parts from the donated trophies. Now they had an opportunity to see first-hand how the trophy parts are assembled in order to create new trophies.  Their experience was an eye-opener.  They learned that a positive attitude and attention to detail are a must! Two of our students decided that they would like to work there and are in the process of completing a job application.

Office Work

The students are learning office skills, such as filing, shredding, and copying

Coupons for our Military in Japan

The students clipped, sorted and stuffed the coupons into a box that was mailed to the US military base in Sasebo, Japan.  Our military families can use the coupons even if they are expired (up to 6 months).  If you have coupons you haven’t used, please bring them to Friends of Down Syndrome.  We are collecting them at our front door.

Coupon collage